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Greenville Family Photographer So, many of my close followers already know this, but I am now a Greenville family photographer! My family and I have officially made the transition to Greenville this summer, therefore I am no longer serving Nashville, TN or Pensacola, FL. So I thought I’d make it official on my blog too, […]

September 26, 2022

Now a Greenville Family Photographer!

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Photo during a Greenville, SC maternity session of a baby bump by Jenny Macy Photography

This was a beautiful Greenville family maternity session. They showed up (very well dressed, I might add!) with their 2 sweet kids and a baby bump. This morning was a little overcast, but don’t let cloudy weather scare you into thinking you can’t get great photos. Believe it or not, the cloudy skies make for […]

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This was a Greenville mini session with a wonderful family of 4! As you can probably tell, the weather was perfect. Everything was surprisingly in bloom! If you need some inspiration on how to dress for a family session, I encourage you to take a look at what this stylish family did! They used light […]

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This Greenville family session was fantastic! This lovely family of 5 came out on a beautiful day to get some natural, updated family photos. If you are hesitant about bringing out multiple kids to a photo session, I get it. But you don’t have to worry! I have 15+ years of experience with kiddos, many […]

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Greenville Sc Family Session by Jenny Macy Photography
A mom cupping her tummy during a maternity mini session in Greenville, SC by Jenny Macy Photography.

This was a Greenville, SC maternity mini session that was so sweet! This momma brought along her husband and little girl to her session. It made for some very adorable moments! The scenery was full of lush greenery and pink florals. The weather and location this day was also ideal and it couldn’t have gotten […]

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This was a GORGEOUS family session in downtown Greenville, SC by Falls Park on the Reedy! Since it was July, the greenery was lush and the flowers had bloomed! The weather and scenery could not have been more perfect. This part of the trail was a little bit tucked away from the rest, which made […]

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Greenville SC Family Mini Session Maternity Session by family photographer Jenny Macy Photography

Today I’d like to share with you some family photo tips for photographers that I think can be so very important. We all know. Being a mom is hard work and often under appreciated or overlooked. When someone books a session with me, 99.9% of the time it’s by the mom. Moms are usually the […]

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Professional photography is an expense some might not want to invest in. So, why invest in a family photographer? You may think that any old family photo taken by a friend or loved one will suffice and be just fine. However, you really can’t put a price tag on precious family memories. Often, people will […]

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Do need some ideas to help with planning for your maternity photos? Becoming a mother is an exciting time in any woman’s life. When you’re adding to a family, whether you’re pregnant for the first time or you’re adding a wonderful new baby into your family, maternity photography can be a great way to capture […]

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If you’ve seen my work, then you should know that my family photography sessions are full of laughter, games, and FUN. Do you know why I’ve set them up this way and what it means for you and the photos you will receive? Well, that’s what I made this blog post is for. Keep reading […]

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